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More Reasons You'll Love Using Findelight!

Findelight is the easiest, fastest way to choose light fixtures for your home.

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A Simplified Process
for Choosing Lights




First, we ask you questions to help
refine your search.

Next, you view your options
on a carousel of light fixtures.

Once you've made your decision,
click "Buy Now" and place
your order

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Over 300,000
Light Fixtures
to Choose From

Over 100,000 Ceiling Lights
Over 100,000 Floor and Table Lights
Over 100,000 Wall Lights
Over 50,000 Outdoor Lights

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Lighting Purchases are
Made Through Amazon

Drag and Drop Lights
to Compare

To help with your decision
you can drag and drop
lights from the carousel
onto the background.

drag and drop light fixtures
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Choices Can Be
Saved for Later

Lights dragged and dropped
onto the background will
remain there - until you delete
them - even if the
site is closed.

Get a Visual Idea
of the Fixture Size

Place a light near
the girl and it will
scale to her size

lighting fixture size box

Double Click Lights
to Get More Info

Double clicking on a picture
brings up details about that
light fixture.

Filters Refine
Your Options

Red filter boxes on the carousel
help you to refine your choices.

• color
• material
• height

• style
• finish
• price

Upload Your
Favorite Room
as a Background

upload room background

Get Help with
Relevant Lighting Tips

Lighting tips will help you see
options you never thought of.

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Free Shipping Through
Amazon on Orders
Over $25

Choose Lights for
the Room You Are
Sitting In

Shopping online
allows you to look
at your selections
while in the room
you are buying for.

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